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Original Taliesen Floor Plan:
Vertical wing at left is the owner's
machine shop (not damaged in the fire);
carport at lower left; bedroom wing in
center horizontal element; Living room/
Dining room with prow roof at lower right.

Orinda Frank Lloyd Wright House Floor Plan
We were called in to update the original 1948 drawings to "as-built" status,
advise the owner on what had to be replaced and what could be repaired,
and design the replacement part of the structure to meet current codes.
When our as-builts and surveys were complete, we called in Van-Catlin
Construction Company to estimate costs and to lead the settlement negotiations.
It took months of intense negotiations with the insurer to determine what should
be repaired, what should be replaced, and what the final settlement price would be.
We met with building department officials to work out in-lieu measures for current
code items such as the 6'-8" gallery and bedroom soffits (7'-0" is now the minimum)
and the absence of shear walls and tie-downs (there were no studs or plates in the
original 2-1/2" thick walls.