Orinda Frank Lloyd Wright House Under Construction

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Roof framing under way.
The low 6'-8" ceiling height gallery
and soffits flank the center raised

Orinda Frank Lloyd Wright House New Roof Framing

The original wall construction used no studs.
3 layers of 1x material were laminated and
screwed together (horizontal 1x redwood
boards each side of vertical 1x6 fir boards).
In order to integrate a steel tube bracing
system into the new work, a few walls were
given a 1-1/2 inch core in order to integrate
Structural Engineer Jerrold Turner's steel tube
braces; this also allowed 1-1/2 inches of rigid
insulation to be installed. An unusually narrow
1-1/2" wide plate now has anchor bolts to the slab.

Frank Lloyd Wright Orinda Residence